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At Lotus TechPros, we strive to be more than just another IT service provider – we are committed to being your trusted IT department. Our focus on proactive best practices, a human-focused client experience, and fixed-monthly billing sets us apart.



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Better IT Experience

At Lotus TechPros, we know success in business depends more than ever on the smooth operation 
of a company’s technology. Unfortunately, many small businesses feel like just another number
 when it comes to their IT managed service provider.

From cyber security to inadequate service and surprise monthly bills, many struggle to find the 
right IT Partner that fits their needs.

Our unique approach ensures you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve, making sure
 that your IT infrastructure is not only secure and efficient but also tailored to meet your evolving
 needs – all for an affordable fixed monthly price.


How We Do IT Differently

At Lotus TechPros, we strive to be more than just another IT service provider - we are committed 
to being 
your trusted IT department. 

Here is why small businesses love Lotus TechPros:


We equip your small business with superior Apple
 hardware, renowned for its high performance, reliability, sleek design, and rock-solid security features. This
 means you are getting high-performing devices that consistently deliver top-notch functionality, enhancing
 your business’s efficiency and productivity.


Our service is built on finely-tuned best practices honed through years of experience to prevent IT issues before 
they occur. This proactive approach streamlines your IT processes, maximizes security, optimizes performance,
 and minimizes downtime, allowing you to focus on 
getting things done.


When challenges do occur, our team is dedicated to
 resolving them quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Our people-first approach underscores our commitment to not just meet, but 
exceed your IT support expectations, with a human
 touch at its core.

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of all cyber breaches impact businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees

of small businesses were the target of a Cyberattack in 2021

of ransomware attacks in 2021 were against companies with fewer than 1,000 employees

When It Comes to Small Business Cybersecurity

 Did You Know... 


We Deliver Extreme IT Security and Reliability

To a growing business, just one cyber-attack can be financially 
devastating, often taking weeks or months to fully recover. At Lotus 
TechPros, we believe securing your IT environment should not be an 
afterthought. Our [Complete]® IT solution takes a proactive approach,
preventing security incidents and breeches before they happen.

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What Our Happy Clients Are Saying...

"Bringing the Lotus TechPros team on board is the best business decision I ever 

Sandra O M, Accountant
Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC

"Switching to Lotus TechPros has
 been a huge productivity boost, and 
more important, thanks to 
[Complete]®, we can focus on our 
clients’ needs rather than fussing
 with our technology.”

Ed Sullivan, Partner
Oberti Sullivan law firm

“This has been (by far) the 
most seamless
 implementation of new computers we have ever had.”

Sydney S, Director of Marketing
METRO – Harris County


Say Goodbye to Unexpected IT Costs and Surprise Expenses

The last thing any company needs is to be blindsided by unexpected IT costs and surprise monthly expenses. Unfortunately, this is practice is all too common among today’s IT providers.

Lotus TechPros takes a different approach. Our unique fixed-monthly billing method ensures you’ll never be hit with unexpected IT costs, allowing you to allocate your resources effectively and confidently plan for the future.

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