Bridge the Apple Expertise Gap in Your Enterprise

As experts in Apple-driven IT solutions, we seamlessly integrate with your 
current Windows-oriented environment to ensure that your Apple devices are compliant, properly supported and secure.


Integrating Apple Devices with 
Compliance and Security

Apple devices are renowned for their exceptional design, user-friendly interfaces and strong 
​security features, all contributing to enhanced employee satisfaction and productivity. However,
their traditionally consumer-focused nature often presents integration challenges for enterprise IT 
teams predominantly accustomed to Windows environments.

At Lotus TechPros, our expertise extends beyond mere configuration and customization of Apple 
devices. We specialize in seamlessly integrating and supporting these devices within complex 
enterprise settings, ensuring compliance with industry-specific standards.

Our approach bridges the gap between Apple’s consumer-centric technology and the rigorous 
demands of enterprise IT infrastructure.


We bridge the gap between Apple’s consumer-friendly appeal and the stringent requirements of enterprise IT. Our approach ensures that Apple devices work in harmony with your existing IT infrastructure, providing a blend of user-friendly experience and enterprise-grade performance.


Our expertise isn’t limited to the technical aspects of Apple device integration. We deeply understand the compliance guidelines and regulations that govern enterprise IT. This knowledge enables us to seamlessly incorporate Apple technology into your enterprise environment, ensuring that every addition adheres to the necessary compliance standards.


Lotus TechPros collaborates with your existing IT team, providing specialized support for Apple devices. This augmentation of your help desk support ensures that your enterprise benefits from expert assistance specifically tailored for Apple technology, enhancing your overall IT service quality.

A Flat Monthly Fee With No Capital Expenses

Lotus TechPros’ [Complete]® bundles new Apple devices with premium support all for a predictable flat monthly fee. Our approach often proves more cost-effective than traditional Windows-based solutions and in-house Apple IT support.

Already have existing Apple devices? No Problem – we can we facilitate a seamless upgrade of your existing Apple devices with no capital expenses – or opt for our support-only version of [Complete]®.

[Complete]® not only enhances your Apple-related IT operations but also provides financial predictability, freeing you from the worry of capital expenditures and allowing you to allocate your resources where they’re needed most.


[Complete]® Makes Enterprise Happy

From the frontline to the C-Suite, our [Complete]® Apple-drive IT solutions ‘just work’,  keeping your 
whole enterprise productive, streamlined, and happy.


Employees value the flexibility to choose their work 
devices, often favoring Apple’s superior design and performance. And in some roles, the advanced features 
of Apple’s pro devices are not just preferred but 
essential. The freedom to choose Apple enhances job satisfaction and empowers teams to excel.


Our collaboration with your IT team alleviates the complexities of managing a diverse tech ecosystem. By taking on all Apple-related support, Lotus TechPros 
frees your IT professionals to concentrate on other vital aspects of your infrastructure, ensuring a more 
streamlined and frustration-free IT environment.


 From fixed-cost billing to no capital expenses, our
 service aligns perfectly with strategic budgeting. [Complete]® elevates workplace satisfaction by 
empowering employees with the choice of Apple 
devices, and broadens your talent pool, attracting top-
tier candidates who value flexibility and innovation.

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What Our Enterprise Clients Are Saying…

"Bringing the Lotus TechPros team on board is the best business decision I ever 

Sandra O M, Accountant
Bookkeeping & Beyond, LLC

"Switching to Lotus TechPros has
 been a huge productivity boost, and 
more important, thanks to 
[Complete]®, we can focus on our 
clients’ needs rather than fussing
 with our technology.”

Ed Sullivan, Partner
Oberti Sullivan law firm

“This has been (by far) the 
most seamless
 implementation of new computers we have ever had.”

Sydney S, Director of Marketing
METRO – Harris County

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